Dr Ali Al Ghrebawi

Designation:Consultant, General Surgery

Dr. Ali Al Ghrebawi completed his Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. Dr. Ali is a Facharzt (Germany Board) in General Surgery, Digestive Surgery, and Proctology.

Dr. Ali Ghrebawi has vast 20 years’ experience in the field of General Surgery, Digestive Surgery and Proctology. He was worked within the last 15 years in Germany as General & Digestive surgeon and as Head of Coloproctology department at Ludmillenstift Hospital in Germany. He was also the Chief of Digestive surgery at the Coloproctology center in Germany.

Dr. Ali’s areas of expertise include Laparoscopic dealing with the colorectal diseases such as cancers & rectum prolapse, Lap Sleeve operations, Proctology, Hiatus Hernia and all other kinds of Hernia.

Dr. Ali has completed several international courses including Colorectal Cancer Course from Cleveland Clinic- USA, European digestive surgery course, Master Class Proctology – France and European Colorectal Oncology to name a few.

Dr. Ali has various publications and presentations to his name, the latest being Urinary and Fecal Incontinence.

Dr. Ali is a member of several international associations including International Lap. Colorectal Surgery, European Society of Surgery, Germanian Society of General Surgery, Germanian Society of Digestive Surgery, Germanian Society of MIC and Germanian Society of Coloproctology.

Dr. Ali is an expert in Using Laparoscopic single port technique which means only 2 cm skin incision will be needed to do the whole operation no matter what kind of operation.

Dr. Ali speaks Arabic, English, and German.