The Department of Anesthesiology is staffed with globally trained, highly qualified and well experienced anesthesiologists having expertise in various fields of anesthesia, including Regional Anesthesia & Ultrasound-Guided Nerve blocks, Obstetric, Paediatric Anesthesia, Acute & Chronic Pain Management, Sleep Apnea & Bariatric Surgery and Intensive Care.

The aim & priority of the department of anesthesiology is the safety of patients, the standard of care, professionalism and the quality of anesthesia, by following world standard guidelines and protocols as well as their implementation in practice towards the care of our patients.

In the Pre-anesthesia Clinic, patients coming prior to surgery are seen, examined for fitness for anesthesia and if necessary, are referred to concerned physicians for further optimization, investigation and treatment.

The anesthesiologists are available round the clock for Epidural Pain Relief services during labour for childbirth if required, and to cover emergencies and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Our expert anesthesiologists provide Ultrasound-Guided Nerve blocks for pain relief during and after surgery with adequate patients’ satisfaction, especially in orthopedics & plastic surgery.

In the Pain Management Clinic, patients with chronic pain conditions are seen, reviewed, investigated and treated with medication, interventional pain management techniques, electro analgesia & physiotherapy, as referred by our clinics for outpatients.

Our Anesthetists provide anesthesia & sedation to hospital remote area patients, including CT scan, MRI & endoscopic procedures.

Our Intensive Care Unit is also equipped with state of the art equipment and managed by a highly qualified staff to look after our patients who need high dependency or intensive care therapy.

Our dedicated team of Anesthetists come from various parts of the world including Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, India, Pakistan & Uzbekistan. They can speak different languages and communicate well with patients of various nationalities.

The hospital has 7 operating theatres which are used for an extensive range of surgeries. The theatres are well equipped and staffed by highly experienced theatre nurses and technical support staff.

The anesthetic apparatus used are modern & updated versions including monitoring devices that match the best in western hospital care.

Maintenance standards are consistently high and extensive checks are continually carried out to ensure quality control. Sterility is monitored regularly by the Department of Microbiology.

All theatre staff receive regular medical check-ups for early detection of any signs of infection. A modern Central Sterile Supplies Department provides the theatres with sterile equipment & instruments.

Following surgery, patients are taken to the recovery area where a careful watch is kept on vital parameters by well trained & experienced staff prior to their return to the ward.

A strict protocol is maintained throughout the entire area.

The Department of Anesthesiology provides services including:

  • Pre-anesthesia Assessment Clinic
  • Acute Pain Management with and without modern techniques of regional anesthesia (ultrasound- guided nerve blocks)
  • Chronic Pain Management Clinic
  • Epidural Analgesia for labour pain during childbirth
  • Intensive Care & Cater Anesthesia to all surgical subspecialties